MULTIBETON Installation

MULTIBETON Site Installation

MULTIBETON (MB) employs a unique approach to installation work.┬áMB system tubes are installed in a warm (50 – 70 degrees Celsius) and water -carrying condition only. This approach means that piping is laid without tension and twists and extends the service life of the tubing. This is an important point as anyone who has laid other forms of UFH tubing can attest to, as such pipework can tend to be far too stiff when cold. This approach also facilitates modulation as pipework has to be capable of sharp bends in such circumstances.

MB’s method of installation does not require specialised insulation. Standard insulation that conforms to regulations is all that is required.

MB utilises its steel clip rail that is simple but ingenious. In terms of screed floors this steel clip rail acts as additional reinforcement and has similar expansion properties to that of the screed so that the piping remains fastened to the clips. This steel clip has a screed stabilising effect and helps guarantee a minimal screed thickness. The system lies completely freely on the covered insulating layer, facilitating free expansion without any cold bridges. It also does not interfere with any moisture cover.

After assembly, each MB heating circuit is subjected to a safety pressure test. Each circuit is tested against leaks before the screed is laid.

MB’s installation methodology routinises and accelerates the installation approach and saves significantly on labour costs. This is particularly important in countries where labour of this type is both in short supply and demonstrates high unit costs. So while installation of MB’s tubing requires dedicated training, the work can be carried out by an appropriately in house trained semi-skilled individual. It does not necessarily require a qualified plumber to undertake / sign off on the UFH installation work thus reducing the overall cost profile and potential time delays when a client selects the MB product and service.

The following videos will give you a good idea of our approach to our installation work.

The first video (2:24 minutes long)provides a general overview of installation as follows (from MB France)

The second video (11:18 minutes long)demonstrates the the details of a MULTIBETON installation. Please contact MULTIBETON Ireland for further details which we will be happy to provide.

The third video (4:12 minutes long) shows the preparation of a MB floor with a thin fluid cover (from MB France)

The fourth video (2:01 minutes long) shows the installation of a heated wall (from MB France)

The fifth video (17:17 minutes long) shows examples of internal flooring with asphalt – in German (from MB Germany)

The sixth video (11:09 minutes long) shows the development of an asphalt roadway with underfloor heating for winter protection – in France