In general, MULTIBETON offers “wet” systems (based mainly on concrete screed) for new build situations and “dry” systems for refurbishments. For the moment, our product sheets are in German, but these sheets give a good idea of the components involved. They will be translated into English in due course. Further details are available on the MULTIBETON German website


The MB Freestanding System is a system for heating and cooling for general commercial and residential buildings using standard cement screed and mesh reinforement. The tubing is available in either 12mm or 17mm diameters with either (a) MB steel clip tracks or (b) tying wire.


The MB Flat Screed System,  uses a special screed mix, is used for situations with a low installation height of approx. 40mm and rapid drying. This is particularly suitable for renovations. Variants include (a) wire fibers (b) regular floating screed or (c) cement screed


The MB ThermoConcrete Euro 17 /22 is a system for heating and cooling where heat is emitted both upwards and downwards. It comes in two versions (a) Mb steel strips or (b) tying wire


The MB OpenSpace Euro 17/22 is a system for keeping outside areas free from snow and ice, such as football pitches, loading ramps, driveways, courtyards, runways and parking areas, building entrances, pavements and similar.


The MB Cooling System 17 is based on the standard MB under floor heating system but the system is attached instead to the ceiling. A reduction of about 6 to 7 degrees internally can be achieved in this manner.


The MB Poured / Mastic Asphalt system uses MB piping and steel clip tracks. Mastic asphalt can be laid irrespective of the weather conditions. Such floors can be walked on after just two hours of cooling time. the asphalt can be (a) poured or (b) rolled. Further information is available at , and


The MB Sprung Floor 17 is a system for heating sports halls with elastic sprung floors.


The MB ReadyFloor S18 / S19 is a system for heating and cooling in general residential and commercial buildings, particularly for the renovation of old buildings, with an installation height of approx. 18 / 19 mm. The system is laid directly on the old floor, using 12 mm system piping.


The MB SubFloor MB-U is a system similar to the MB ReadyFloor S18 but with standard commercial dry element plates / screeds of approx. 20mm thick, such as Fermacell or Knauf dry screed for appropriate load distribution and immediate use and at an overall installation height of between 40 to 50 mm.


The MB Wall is a heating system where the wall acts as a separately heated surface. For example, this is where the floor cannot offer sufficient area for appropriate heating (e.g. certain bathrooms) or is otherwise unavailable for heating purposes. There are 2 types of such construction – (a) the MB ReadyWall or (b) the Plastered Wall.


MB Customised  / Specialised Installations  (such as swimming pools) are also available from MULTIBETON


Pipe Sizes

MULTIBETON’s pipework / tubing comes in 3 sizes:


For low-profile UFH systems which can be laid on top of existing concrete or suspended timber floors – and so is very suitable for retrofitting UFH to an existing house. The height for low-profile UFH is 15mm, so finishes heights can range from 18mm to generally 25mm in total thickness to include the floor covering. Low-profile UFH heats up and cools down more quickly than conventional UFH (approx. 30 minutes).


For regular applications.


For larger applications.