Our contract process

The MULTIBETON Ireland contract process

To provide an excellent service, MULTIBETON (MB) Ireland employs a process in our contract work to ensure that the right product and service is delivered in a timely and value for money way and to aid a customer in understanding the process. While this approach is unique to each contract, a standard process/methodology occurs as follows:


Client initiates a query.


Query progresses to contract stage.


MB Ireland prepares a proposal / letter of engagement for the client, which outlines (very generally).

  1. Scope of the work, including tasks and timelines.
  2. Duties of MB and the client.
  3. Engagement milestones and payment schedules.
  4. Ownership of material.
  5. Nature of Quality Assurance of the work.
  6. Terms of payment.
  7. Applicable law.


Parties agree and sign the contract of work.


Client / designer submits the appropriate drawings and design documentation to enable the design layout for the heating system. The quality and extent of this design data is vital to the overall success of the work.


MB Germany produces design of heating system including drawings, bills of quantities and associated design documentation.


MB Ireland issues copy of piping / installation drawings and associate design documentation to the client / designer and verifies design with them.


MB Ireland and client / designer / project manager agree installation date and time frame.


MB Germany delivers piping and associated parts etc generally on site to the agreed time frame.


Installer installs the UFH items as directed by the relevant design / installation drawings.


Installer commissions the work as per instructions.


Installer performs QA on the work and prepares  relevant control documentation.


MB Ireland review same, and amends/ finalises as appropriate


MB Ireland issues control,  QA and relevant project management documentation to client; signs off on the work, and issues the relevant billing.


Client confirms completion of work and pays for work.

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