Why Underfloor Heating?

Why Underfloor Heating?

This section is for those who are unsure as to the merits of Underfloor Heating (UFH) in a general way or would like to be further convinced of its merits!
If you are happy with Underfloor Heating as your preferred space heating method and need to select an installer, please go to the section on “Why MultiBeton”!

In Ireland, hydronic / “wet” central heating systems are very common. Examples of such systems include underfloor heating (UFH) and radiator heating.

Underfloor Heating which gives radiant heat, is generally more efficient, effective, economical, safer, more “human friendly” (comfort and health wise) and requires less maintenance than the radiator approach which is based on convection heat.
There are two parts to the inherent advantages of Underfloor Heating. The first stems from the natural benefits of radiant heat and the second is due to the nature of underfloor heating itself.

The benefits of radiant heat over convection heat




The direct benefits of underfloor heating



UFH is also superior to other forms of heat distribution approaches, such as forced air.

It is important to stress, in any case, the need for significant insulation, a reasonable level of air tightness and appropriate system controls with UFH – as with any heating distribution system. Proper design, installation and operation is also absolutely vital to its success.

As regards slower heating response time due to a higher thermal mass of the heat distribution source in UFH, specifically flooring, the time frame can be appropriately addressed through design, insulation, air tightness, system controls and the thermal conductivity of the materials used. There are wider material options available when the form of UFH used is wall or ceiling based, where floors, in exceptional circumstances, have to omit UFH in order to take only loading and /or be very durable .

Key system considerations

This section describes some of the key components of Underfloor heating , particularly from the perspective of choosing underfloor heating as your preferential heating mode.

Key aspects / elements of UFH systems are addressed on the below pages. A broad understanding of these aspects, in addition to the general reasons provided above, will assist you greatly in understanding the primary criteria to use for  decision making in this area.